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Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair:

I’m not sure if you have ever tried a zero gravity chair! But if you haven’t, they are basically the ultimate way to relax outside. Like seriously – you will not find a more comfortable way to sit around outside.

Zero gravity chairs are perfect for health conscious individuals who enjoy outdoor recreational activities. These fully adjustable chairs provide perfect back support by simulating a gravity-free experience.

Conventional lawn chairs are quite often awkward, uncomfortable, and flimsy. Cheap and poorly designed chairs can ruin an outdoor experience by causing discomfort and exacerbating back pain.

Spine Health explains how well-designed, ergonomic chairs help to reduce back pain and injury.

If you spend a lot of time at outdoor events like golf tournaments and open-air concerts where there isn’t always comfortable seating on the ground. These are events where it’s ideal to just sit and relax like you were at home on the couch. You need a chair that didn’t force you to move around to get comfortable!

Why you should have the Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair?

Here are some reasons why you should rush to buy one or more!!

Comfort & Quality

First and foremost, this chair is sturdier than it looks and its quality materials will last a long time. The mesh fabric is smooth and taut so you receive perfect back support. The fabric also breathes and traps little heat so it won’t bake in the sun like cheap plastic chairs.

The armrests are firm and wide, accommodating a range of body sizes. The heavy-duty frame is robust and will firmly support your weight at all angles.

The plump neck pillow is also a huge plus. It can be adjusted to your height and, like the rest of the chair, is made of durable and breathable fabric.


You can sit up or recline at virtually any angle with this chair! The only position it doesn’t allow is lying flat on your stomach, such as with a true swimming pool lawn chair. However, the Caravan chair will recline back further than most traditional recliners and will elevate your legs higher than most as well. This maneuverability is essential for good back and lumbar support. Elevating your legs will reduce pressure on your lower spine and increase circulation.

The Mayo Clinic shows how slightly elevating your legs helps to promote natural spinal curvature.


The chair is very portable. The framework is thin and light. I can fold the chair up in 2 seconds and transport it anywhere I go. The chair is only 2 feet wide and 6 inches high in its folded position.

Our Outdoor Zero Gravity Chairs Features:

Double Bungee System

Seats are supported by durable yet lightweight steel material. The frame and Textilene fabric are then held together with heavy-duty, replaceable elastic cords by a double bungee suspension system. This design allows the chair to conform to the body for a supportive comfort.

The Weightless Experience

Easily glide to recline from upright to the zero gravity position. This innovative seating experience mimics defying gravity while providing wellness benefits. Elevating the legs while the backrest is reclined improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, offering the healthiest way to sit and lounge.

Accessory Tray

Eliminating the need to get up from your relaxing position. Our zero gravity chairs are crafted with a convenient and easily detachable accessory tray. It is constructed and designed with 2 drink holders, a phone holder, and a slot perfect for magazines, tablets, and books.

Textilene Fabric

High grade, all-weather material reduces heat transfer, providing comfortable seating even in the midst of summer. This type of fabric is designed to eliminate any fading and mildew buildup. Textilene features UV-resistance with over 80% sun protection for a long-lasting and durable chair that will last many seasons.

Included Headrest

Adjustable headrest is provided for additional comfort or use as lumbar support. Simply slide the padded pillow up and down the frame back to find the best position for you.

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